lumières de flux


Anthony Morrison Creative Director of Anthony Morison Salon
Brings to you lumières de flux

With Anthony’s extensive knowledge of hair color and his passion For creating beautiful color he’s has put together a modern and seamless way to enhance your hair color.

Morrison Having traveled the world extensively for Joico for over 20 plus years educating the very best stylists in the latest color Technique from Asia to Europe to South America and the list goes on Morrison as pulled on his 40 years of knowledge working in the industry and working in London Beverly and having won season one of shear genius.

And now with his very own bespoke one of a kind salon in the South bay he and his Creative team have all trained with a European flair with precession and an eye for detail. This technique is exclusive only at Anthony Morrison Salon Anthony Morrison’s creative team are well versed on this Bespoke technique.


lumières de flux

Is a technique that brings shimmers of light and tone
Thought the hair similar balayage hand painting and
Highlights this is a combination of all 3 using an air flow
Technique to enhance the blending, “Thus creating a seamless
Flow of lightness and dimension
Anthony Morrison’s creative team are well versed on this
Bespoke technique having been trained under the tootledge of
Anthony himself get a fresh new look for summer